CRESTS, Luxury Tech Carbon Fiber Carry-On with 25 Features

Connected and Carbon Fiber

In recent years many new connected suitcases have been hitting the market and changing-up the way people travel. With two years of development CRESTS Luggage aims to set ourselves apart from others with our unique stylish design and carbon fiber composite body. With all the usual connected electronics plus more, the James Bond of the suitcase world is born.

The Breakdown

  • Awesome Unique Design 
  • Carbon Fiber Composite 
  • Telescopic Carbon Fiber Rods with Aluminum Handle with No Mechanisms which can Fail
  • GPS Tracking, Self Weighing, USB Charging 
  • Alarm, G-Force Logging, Digital Lock 
  • Waterproof, Temperature/Pressure Sensors, Self Equalizing Pressure Valve
  • Black Carbon Fiber with Black, White or Silver Corners 
  • The Coolest and Only Carry-On you'll Ever Need! 
  • 22" Tall x 9" Deep x 14" Width (56cm x 23cm x 35cm) 
  • 8.5 Gallon Volume (32 Liters) 
  • 7.5 lbs (3.5kgs)
  • Black Body
  • Silver / Black / White Corners and Logo Surround
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A primary area which we devoted time to was something which really hasn't changed since the concept of luggage was created. Design. Our design is clearly very different from anything else on the market before or currently. However, we think it's well worth it.

Ironman? James Bond? Those are the most common names we hear when people first see the design. On our test runs through airports, we always have people asking us about it and where they can buy it. When's the last time a stranger asked you about your luggage?


We've all seen the plethora of new suitcases hitting the market in the past few years, from expandable luggage to luggage that moves by itself. The key item which ties this new generation of luggage together is their connect-ability. Everything these days comes with an app, so why not luggage.

CRESTS luggage meets market functionality expectations around self-weighing, GPS tracking, charging capabilities, phone alarm and blue tooth; however, CRESTS brings new innovation to the market in the form of remote digital locking, LCD screen, audible and visual alarm, touch sensitive controller, G force and temperature/humidity sensors.